About Us

Iconic watches. Made for everyone.

At Creamy Patina, we're two brothers who live and breathe watches. We've been collecting and repairing vintage watches ever since we can remember, and now we've translated all our experience into making iconic watches, tiny.

Our Story

By day one of us is a Surgeon, and the other a Biochemist. During the COVID19 pandemic and the first lockdown in 2020, the Doctor was serving on the frontline, having to live alone in fear of transmitting COVID.

To while away the time, and forget about the horrors of work he set about designing and making tiny versions of his grail watches. His brother, the Biochemist & Hobbyist Watchmaker (it must be stated at this stage that neither of us have any affiliation with Rolex, or any other watch company for that matter), thought they were pretty cool and when they reunited again, decided to make the prototypes a reality - resulting in Creamy Patina.

Our first collection was released on Kickstarter and finished in the top 1% of Kickstarters to ever be funded.