Why is our last Kickstarter not visible?

Our last Kickstarter ran for 30 days from Augst 2022 to Sept 2022. We ended up raising more than $200,000 from that Kickstarter alone, and all our backers received their Cufflinks in time (or just after) Christmas.

Sounds great so far, right?

In March of 2023 we received a Cease and Desist letter from a very large watch company that uses a royal symbol as part of their iconography.

They feel we infringed upon certain trademarks, like the name of our Collection (which was named after their Founder) and the names of some of our Cufflinks - which we thought were a tongue-in-cheek show of deference... but they thought otherwise.

A wonderful customer of ours is an IP lawyer, and she gave us great legal advice (for the princely sum of £1):

"Although you are probably in the right Creamy Patina, exchanging legalese is an expensive sport, and they are rich and you are not. So just do as they ask, and don't make any reference to them in the next Kickstarter."

So we took that advice on board. As a result, we had to ask that a lot of the great press and reviews we got were taken down, as well as the Kickstarter campaign (which can only be viewed by backers).

If anyone wants to hear from previous backers, please follow us @creamypatinawatches on Insta, and you'll see some of the customers we are tagged with!