Ordering From Abroad?

If you’re not based in the U.K. you'll probably need to pay import tax/duty when buying a watch (or any product) from Creamy Patina and other U.K.-based brands. This is usually minimal for the watch cufflink orders.

Brexit changed the rules and since the 1st of January 2021, this also includes all countries within the European Community. All is correct at time of writing (Dec 2022).

Customs and Duty

Prices within the UK

For customers in the U.K., all watches/products are priced including 20% of U.K. VAT.

As an example, if our watch is priced at £1000, U.K. customers will need to pay £1,200 (£1,000 + £200 (20% VAT)

Prices outside the UK

For customers based outside the U.K., all watches/products are priced excluding U.K. VAT.

Your IP address will determine the prices you see on our website, but if for any reason you see prices including U.K. VAT, the prices will be updated at checkout, depending on your shipping address.

Creamy Patina will not charge VAT when exporting, but you will certainly be asked to pay import duty and/or tax by your custom's country.

How to pay for import duty/tax

We ship most of our products/watches via Royal Mail. As per customs request, Royal Mail will calculate the duty and taxes and they will collect the payment on behalf of your country's customs.

Neither Creamy Patina nor Royal Mail has control or profit over these costs/taxes.

How much do I need to pay in duty/tax to receive my watch?

It depends on the country you are based in.

Please see the examples below based on a £1,000 watch. These values are only a reference as they vary depending on the watch cost, and they might not be updated.

Within the U.K.

20% tax (GBP 200), is included in the price.

0% duty (GBP 0.00) + 0% Royal Mail's handling fee


Approx. 15%-24% tax (GBP 150 – GBP 240)

0% duty (GBP 0.00) + Royal Mail's handling fee


10% tax (GBP 100) BUT 0% on less than $800 (at time of writing)

0% duty (GBP 0.00) + Royal Mail's handling fee


5% tax (GBP 100)

0% duty (GBP 0) + Royal Mail's handling fee


5% tax (GBP 100)

8% duty (GBP 80) + Royal Mail's handling fee


13% Tax (GBP 130)

20% Duty (GBP 200) + Royal Mail's handling fee


10% tax (GBP 100)

5% duty (GBP 50) + Royal Mail's handling fee

South Africa

15% Tax (GBP 150)

0% Duty (GBP 0) + Royal Mail's handling fee


5% tax (GBP 50)

5% duty (GBP 50) + Royal Mail's handling fee