Instructions and How to look after your Miniature Watch Cufflinks

Your miniature luxury Watch Cufflinks need to be cared for just like any other luxury watch.  

Please keep your Watch Cufflinks covered, away from sunlight and liquids, and with the crown closed when not in use. 

For Perpetual Calendar Quickset Models

Your watch has an automatic mechanism with a Quickset date, powered by movement, with 48 hours of reserve. Pulling the crown out to position 1 allows you to change the time, and each pull to position 2 moves the date forward by one day.

For Quartz Models

If your miniature watch cufflink has a tiny movement with a regular watch battery, that can be changed by a local jeweller for a few pounds, or even yourself if you're pretty handy (although we advise always going to a jeweller unless you know what you're doing). The video below demonstrates just how easily this can be done.